Away from busy Flanders and just across the language border on the French-speaking side of the Kluisberg, Pieter Gyselinck quietly tinkers with his electronic music projects.

As a child of the 1980s, he came into contact with various types of electronic music which led to an open musical development. The enormous pressure of the performance society pushed Gyselinck away from reality. As a young fellow, he discovered support and warmth when listening to electronic music style Berlin School and ambient.

The ambient project Lounasan was born out of his unquenchable love for electronic music.

Through changing moods and the continuous battle with himself and his surroundings, Gyselinck’s electronic constructions took on a totally different face. The dark drones and soundscapes equipped with fickle textures no longer connected with the beautiful ambient waves of Lounasan.

Lounasan plays Music For Installations was born. The active sound worlds and dark sonic landscapes of Music For Installations gave empty spaces and dark rooms a totally different character. Gyselinck worked his dark ambient ideas with drones into live sessions presented at artistic events.

It sounds almost unlikely, but Brian Eno came up with the same name for his CD box set ten years later (2018).

Gyselinck also formed the duo Cycles of Moebius with Jovica Storer (Joost Carpentier), whose surreal soundscapes are more in the cosmic direction.

Lounasan, as Music For Installations, released the captivating and adventurous ‘Fractions Of Unity’ album on Wool-E Discs in early 2020.

Gyselinck also regularly releases more danceable tracks with techno dj Karim S featuring Lounasan.

(picture Piet Leus)