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For years, Lounasan has shuttled between accessible, melodic sound work and more abstract soundscapes.

With the spin-off Lounasan plays Music for Installations, there is more room for the more abstract and experimental sound work, resulting in a very interesting journey.
Thanks to the spin-off, Lounasan’s main project remained more on the ambient, electronic, sequenced path. Some would say you can mix them perfectly.

Lounasan wasn’t sure about that at all, until this ‘Haukij√§rvi‘ project.


Selected for an artist residency at Arteles¬†in¬†Finland¬†during¬†October 2011, the focus lied on combining¬†ambient music¬†and¬†experimental soundscapes. In a group of artists together in the wide outdoor nature of Finland, a unique opportunity emerges to¬†meet other people¬†and¬†share some artistic ideas. This resulted in a massive amount of material and extra remix-afterthought work. The works translate the impact of the great landscape around¬†Haukij√§rvi¬†into emotional music. In short:¬†the landscapes are being soundscaped. Read more…


Away from busy Flanders and just across the language border on the French-speaking side of the Kluisberg, Pieter Gyselinck quietly tinkers with his electronic music projects.¬†As a child of the 1980s, he came into contact with various types of electronic music which led to an open musical development. The enormous pressure of the performance society pushed Gyselinck away from reality. As a young fellow, he discovered support and warmth when listening to electronic music style¬†Berlin School¬†and¬†ambient. Read more…


Lounasan as a main project is connected to several other projects and collaborations, like (Lounasan plays) MUSIC FOR INSTALLATIONS, CYCLES OF MOEBIUS and KARIM S featuring LOUNASAN. Read more…


Lounasan as a main project is connected to several other projects and collaborations, like (Lounasan plays) MUSIC FOR INSTALLATIONS, CYCLES OF MOEBIUS and KARIM S featuring LOUNASAN. Read more…

Haukijärvi One: live album & book presentation

The Lounasan and (Lounasan plays) Music for Installations universes have always been places of pleasure, surrounded by electronic delicacies, meandering between subdued and exuberant, between abstract and concrete, accessible and experimental, always with the necessary tensions and surprises.

On Saturday, Feb. 18 2023, both melted together into a new – or perhaps more appropriate – super universe. During the musical expedition, those present were taken along and sucked into Finnish nature, aptly translated by P√Įeter Gyselinck into musical soundscapes and compositions, here and there larded with authentic field recordings and in between a few times provided with text and explanation by the man himself. There was a lot to discover throughout this compelling musical trip, which made it suddenly appear to be two hours later when we landed back on earth. Time flies when you’re having fun, they say….

Those who missed it all will of course have another chance to experience it soon – albeit in a slightly more compact form than during this album presentation – or you can of course always listen to the music while leafing through the very nicely designed book.

Read more…

  Lounasan Air Travel Jukebox

"Traveling without moving"

(proudly provided by Lounasan Air)
  • I wish I made this music every day 2 (part) - Travel report from the North
  • Mustaj√§rvenkulma (part) - From the artist residency at Arteles
  • Moonscape (part) - Gazing and dreaming
  • Lift your senses 4 (part) - Reflection mode
  • Lift Your senses 7 (part) - From the surprising debut album
  • Threesome - A tribute to Nucleus Soundlab
  • I wish I made this music every day 8 (part) - Unforgetable ambient
  • Haukij√§rventie (part) - From the residency at Arteles in Finland
  • I wish I made this music every day 1 (part) - Inspired by long train travels
  • A brief look into the past (part) - Moog and other knobs
  • Harju (part) - From the heart of Finland
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