The Lounasan and (Lounasan plays) Music for Installations universes have always been places of pleasure, surrounded by electronic delicacies, meandering between subdued and exuberant, between abstract and concrete, accessible and experimental, always with the necessary tensions and surprises.

On Saturday, Feb. 18 2023, both melted together into a new – or perhaps more appropriate – super universe. During the musical expedition, those present were taken along and sucked into Finnish nature, aptly translated by Pïeter Gyselinck into musical soundscapes and compositions, here and there larded with authentic field recordings and in between a few times provided with text and explanation by the man himself. There was a lot to discover throughout this compelling musical trip, which made it suddenly appear to be two hours later when we landed back on earth. Time flies when you’re having fun, they say….

The finale of the evening was a hauntingly beautiful tribute to Joost Carpentier, Pieters companion in Cycles of Moebius and beyond, who recently left earthly existence behind.

Those who missed it all will of course have another chance to experience it soon – albeit in a slightly more compact form than during this album presentation – or you can of course always listen to the music while leafing through the very nicely designed book. A very successful and promising first part of Lounasan’s Finnish ‘Haukijärvi’ trilogy, the next parts of which will appear during 2023.

(by Wunderkammer)

Patsker Omaer Beguin was also sent ahead by Luminous Dash to ascertain the situation on the ground. You can read how he experienced the ‘Haukijärvi Part One’ album performance here (in Dutch): . Also be sure to check out his stunning photos there!

(pictures courtesy Owann)