NOW AVAILABLE IN THE SHOP: The first part of the Haukijärvi cycle.

Selected for an artist residency at Arteles in Finland during October 2011, the focus lied on combining ambient music and experimental soundscapes. In a group of artists together in the wide outdoor nature of Finland, a unique opportunity emerges to meet other people and share some artistic ideas. This resulted in a massive amount of material and extra remix-afterthought work. The works translate the impact of the great landscape around Haukijärvi into emotional music. In short: the landscapes are being soundscaped.

Arteles is an inspiring place to produce original work and collaborate with other energetic and ambitious artists & creative professionals. It’s a place that encourages experimentation and innovation – a place that also gives voice to works that otherwise have no other place to be produced or displayed.

The location of Arteles is in the extraordinary nature of Hämeenkyrö (European Union Landscape Award in 2009) where you can soak in the fresh air, go for wandering, walks in the deep forests, swimming in the many lakes nearby, go skiing and skating at winter time, do guided hiking and trekking trips in the nearby nature or have daily relaxing in a traditional wood-fire sauna.

For people looking for a place where they can create a personal cave with a lot of headroom to keep your focus on your goals, this is a perfect spot. It was very difficult to leave, as it provided a kind of perfect balance between working and living. Initially the project was started from the Lounasan plays Music for Installations perspective. However, it became quickly clear that this area had a lot more to offer for inspirational purposes.

The great Finish outdoor is a perfect companion for this album. It reflected very strongly on the music itself, on the ‘melancholia’, even until the level of the more abstract soundscapes.

If there is one thing what I do hope to realize with this work, is that I can reach out to that essential deeper level that lives within almost every one of you. More and more it seems to fading out or even disappear out of this world and society, at least at the frond-end of it.

If I can touch anyone’s heart or soul and make a connection, than this pain was all worth it. And I’ll be grateful for that.

We would like to thank everybody who believed in this project and supported it until now. It has been a long and very, very bumpy road.

List of Finnish organizations involved in the project

  • Arteles []
  • Finnish Department of Culture
  • City of Hämeenkyrö
  • Belgian embassy in Finland