Haukijärvi One (Book & CD)


An eclectic mix between the blends of Lounasan and his spin-off project Music For Installations.

  • Created and recorded on location at Arteles in Finland (arteles.org)
  • CD: 15 Tracks – 1 Hour 19 Minutes
  • Book: 30+ pager handcrafted with images and moods
  • Released 18th February 2023
  • A combi of Lounasan style tracks with soundscapes from the spin-off Music For Installations
  • All album artwork by Alain Kinet


A blend from Finland

An electic mix between Lounasan and his spin-off project Music For Installations

Selected for an artist residency at Arteles in Finland during October 2011, the focus lied on combining ambient music and experimental soundscapes. In a group of artists together in the wide outdoor nature of Finland, a unique opportunity emerges to meet other people and share some artistic ideas. This resulted in a massive amount of material and extra remix-afterthought work. The works translate the impact of the great landscape around Haukijärvi into emotional music. In short: the landscapes are being soundscaped.

Recorded on location at Arteles (www.arteles.org).

Alain Kinet created the artwork and compiled the beautiful book that is added in this package. Many thanks to the users and creators of the platform freesound for their endless source of inspiration. Sounds from next users have been used in real-form and/or as source of inspiration on this set:Timofei, Jus, Schulze and the mysterious Inga, Juskiddink, Jakobhandersen. Material from Freesound licensed under Creative Commons, CC 1.0 and CCBY 3.0. Please contact us for more details.

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Lounasan compositions and tracks can be discovered on the following networks.


Music For Installations is about experiencing. This is the place where sound meets space! Imagine being in a dark rectangular room with speakers in the four corners and only you as an object, absorbing the sound. Catching these sounds leads to sonic landscapes and active soundworlds. The music fits perfectly in empty places, dark rooms and can be the soundtrack of your artistic installations.
De officiële Music For Installations website

  1. Korpikoski – 6:10
  2. Viidanoja – 4:26
  3. Löyly – 6:37
  4. Valkama – 5:41
  5. Yli-Nurmikoski – 4:55
  6. Hirsilä – 3:35
  7. Koivistontie – 5:00
  8. Ärrämartinharju – 4:53
  9. Kokoon – 4:31
  10. Leppänen – 5:12
  11. Marttila – 4:55
  12. Saksankulma – 4:55
  13. Sarkki – 5:25
  14. Joutsen – 6:58
  15. Mustajärvenkulma – 6:28

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Dimensions 21 × 15 × 2,5 cm