An album where some of the fans have problems with, but in any case, a true masterpiece.


Mask is a 1985 studio album by Vangelis, his eighth “artist album” under that name. The album forms a kind of trilogy with predecessor Soil Festivities and successor Invisible Connections.

The music is a succession of menacing and unsettling music with sometimes “heavenly” sounding passages in between. Just like its predecessor, the album is built according to a structure from classical music (six parts). The music also has something in common with that. Compared to the classical music, it is constructed in the same way, but instead of the classical instruments, all kinds of synthesizers are used. Besides the fact that these synthesizers can be heard solo, they sometimes serve as accompaniment for a choir and/or soloist. The choir and soloist sing a textless song. Vangelis had previously experimented with this in the song Italian Song, then together with Jon Anderson.

measure and rhythm is more subordinate than on the previous album, it sounds more experimental. This would continue on the next album. Vangelis did try all kinds of sequencers and arpeggiators on this album.

Vangelis recorded the album at his own Nemo Studios in London. Officially, this was his last album for Polydor.

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