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An interesting stroll through the Music For Installations catalogue with some extra flavours.There are quite some field recordings present, mostly from our own source.

  • Live-set performed at Post-X in Gent.
  • 10 Tracks – 60 Minutes
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Released on Littl’ AntennA

This album is the result from a live-set performed at Post-X in Gent. The recording seemed to hold a good quality which made it possible to present this in a beautiful release. The treatment of the audio was a little corrected to adjust to the roomtone and resonance in the building. Fun part, unfortunately not possible to present on an audio album, where the resonating walls and ceiling at certain lower frequencies.

Music For Installations is not your typical “art-room ambient” provider as the name would suggest. Music For Installations, in its best Eno-tradition, provides the soundscapes for the installation of life, whether it is in the form of a homage to a deceased Master, a book of sound to grasp the concept of the wholeness of the universe as we know it or just the soundtrack to a long-lasting trip into the high north. Music For Installations asks you to use your imagination while he subtly massages your brain.

Recorded live at Post X on the 12th of October 2019, slightly mastered to adjust to the roomtone
. Do not push the volume if necessary, let it seep in. 
Video artwork visible on YouTube. Niek Cornil was live on stage for translating the sound into the image: for artwork please contact Niek. Thanks Niek, you were great that evening! Thanks: the Antenna crew making this possible, Niek as my best listener, Joost, the Blue Room crew, Alain the host and record machine, Dimitri and Wool-E-Disc.

Alain Kinet for the artwork. Layout by Alain Kinet & Tom Coppens – cover photography by Niek Cornil, inside photography by Owann. Many thanks to the users and creators of the platform freesound for their endless source of inspiration. Sounds from next users have been used in real-form and/or as source of inspiration on this set: HerbertBoland, Corsica_S, Poolside – Bob Ullrich – Gene Groeschel. Material from Freesound licensed under Creative Commons, CC BY 3.0. Please contact us for more details.


It’s an interesting stroll through the Music For Installations catalogue with some extra flavours. There are quite some field recordings present, mostly from our own source. However, it is also important to stress out the interesting world of FREESOUND with it’s everlasting source of material of sound lovers. These sounds are not always rawly used, but can be processed into some new material. Full credits follow:

  • Luftrum: 48411__luftrum__forestsurroundings
  • HerbertBoland: 33207__herbertboland__dryleaveswalk
  • Corsica_S: 196359__corsica-s__clark-s-nutcrackers-02
  • Pooleside: 82028__pooleside__bob-ulrich-trees-creaking

Music For Installations is about experiencing. This is the place where sound meets space! Imagine being in a dark rectangular room with speakers in the four corners and only you as an object, absorbing the sound. Catching these sounds leads to sonic landscapes and active soundworlds. The music fits perfectly in empty places, dark rooms and can be the soundtrack of your artistic installations.
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  1. Jellyfishes | 04:58
  2. Yassur Parle Au Concret (Hommage Pierre Henry) | 04:21
  3. Synesthesia 2 | 05:43
  4. Kuuri | 05:58
  5. Hirsiliä (Reflection) | 07:10
  6. Uus-Pukarantie | 04:20
  7. Synesthesia 5 | 05:44
  8. Melancholia | 07:11
  9. Fractal 6 | 08:14

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