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GOOD NEWS! The three-part album-project is ready. Next weeks it will be available.

Lounasan has been selected for a residency at Arteles in Finland during October 2011. The side project ‘Music For Installations‘ was the main motivation to go on this project, but it was quickly clear that it would become a mix between ambient and expermiment. On location, there was to expected focused work and concentration (and yes it was like that!). As we were in a group of artists together in the wide outdoor nature of Finland, there was an unique opportunity to meet other people and share some artistic ideas. Together with a performance and a presentation in the Pori Art Museum, this stay resulted in a massive amount of material to be used in releases and live sets, even still TODAY!

On this page you can find information concerning this residency in 2011. Very soon, the albums will be available and on the main pages you will find players with snippets of the works. The result will be called, simply, Haukijärvi, named to the location of the project. This cycle is a 31-day series of musical contributions.

About Arteles (source website): The most international artist residency in Finland welcoming over 80 creative professionals per year.

It is an inspiring place to produce original work and collaborate with other energetic and ambitious artists & creative professionals. We are a place that encourages experimentation and innovation – a place that also gives voice to works that otherwise are nowhere else to be produced or displayed.
There are lots of opportunities to connect with the locals and get plugged into the contemporary art scene in Finland.

The location of Arteles is in the extraordinary nature of Hämeenkyrö Finland (European Union Landscape Award in 2009) where you can soak in the fresh air, go for wandering, walks in the deep forests, swimming in the many lakes nearby, go skiing and skating at winter time, do guided hiking and trekking trips in the nearby nature or have daily relaxing in a traditional wood-fire sauna.

The great Finish outdoor is a perfect companion for this album. It reflected very strongly on the music itself, even until the level of the more abstract soundscapes.